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Vedas was important to Aryan because they think Vedas discribi ther daily life

Veda means and includes all knowledge. Man is distinguished from other animals by the wisdom he is endowed with. Devoid of this wisdom, he is human in form only, and little more than the beasts eating, sleeping and satisfying desires.

The Vedas are collation of the words that are the Truth, which were visualised by Sages who had by austerity and discipline, attained the capacity to receive them and transmit them.

There are four Vedas.

  • Rig Veda, instructions on rituals and procedures necessary to maintain society

  • Yajur Veda, spells out man's duties and codes of conduct in addition to rules governing society

  • Sama Veda, contains the essence of Rig and Yajur veda set to music

  • Atharvana Veda, sets out rules governing the life of the householder. It also teaches Yoga and the curing of illness.

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