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Why does anyone practise any given religion? Likely because it gives them a sense of peace or a way to try to understand the world around them. Usually, people tend to stay with the religion/spiritual path they grew up with. Increasingly, though, people are tending to explore their own paths and find one, like Hinduism, resonates more with their own beliefs or way of thinking than, say, Christianity.

Another answer

  • People practice Hinduism because they are born into a Hindu family. There are sixteen rites through various states of life which guide one to the goal of life

  • People practice Hinduism because they find it respects and acknowledges that all religions are paths to the One True God, and Hinduism provides an inclusive what to reach that goal. No one is ever excluded or denied the practice of Hinduism. It gives the five human values which enrich all life, and which are found in all human beings. These values are
Right Conduct (righteousness, doing the right thing, dharma)
Peace (satisfaction, self acceptance, self discipline, shanti)
Truth (Consciousness, conscience, Integrity, Honesty, self-worth, sathya)
Love (caring, compassion, devotion, friendship, kindness, patience, prema)
Non-violence (unwillingess to hurt, social justice, loyalty, inclusiveness, ahimsa)

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