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The simple facts are:~

  • Adolf Hitler, murderer of millions, master of destruction and organized insanity, was seized by an obsession with the Jews all his life. The Nazi Führer had always been straightforward about his plans - his dream of a racially "pure" empire would tolerate no Jews. He announced at many occasions the "annihilation of the Jews" living in the territory under his control.

  • The outcome was the Shoah, the death of six million Jews in various prison camps in World War II

  • Would that it were, that mankind never does this again.

An OpinionEdit

The causes of Shoah were, among others,

  • Theological roots of anti-semitism (from anti-judaism to anti-semitism)
  • Developments of the Jewish diaspora and impact on anti-semitism
  • Development of Eurocentric racism and the Jew as racial stereotype
  • Impact of the formation of nation-states on the nature of anti-judaism
  • The formation of the capitalist/communist divide and it's impact on the perception of Jews
  • Perpetuation of anti-semitism after the formation of Israel (how is anti-semitism still possible after the holocaust?)

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