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  • The Calvary

    Mary of Magdala, the Veronica, the thief Dismas, Mary, Jesus, the centurion Longinus, the thief Gestas and women of Jerusalem

    Roman soldiers
  • The Sanhedrin
  • The high priest, Caiaphas
  • Judas Iscariot
  • Simon Peter used a sword to attack one of the captors, cutting off his ear, which,
  • Roman Prefect Pontius Pilate
  • Pilate offered the crowd a choice between Jesus of Nazareth and an insurrectionist named Barabbas
  • Roman Soldiers who scourged Jesus
  • Veronica, who wiped the face of Jesus
  • Simon of Cyrene, who carried Jesus's cross when he fell the third time
  • Mary, Mother of Jesus, Mary, Mother of Clophas, Salome and Mary of Magdala at the foot of the Cross
  • The Soldier Longinus, who pierced the side with a spear
  • The Thief Dismas
  • The wife of Dismas
  • The Thief Gestas
  • St John the Beloved
    Mother of God

    Mary, the holy mother of our Saviour


The Veronica, the merciful woman who wiped the face of Jesus


Gestas, the thief that blasphemed and died hopeless


Dismas, the thief that repented and gained Paradise

Gestas' mother

Mary of Magdala, the woman who consoled Jesus at the foot of his cross


Sarah, the wife of Dismas that could see him receiving Jesus' grace


Anne, the friend of Gestas that tried in vain to save his soul.

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