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Joseph was the favourite son of Joseph. His brothers were jealous, so they got rid of him. Joseph ended up in Egypt, where he became a powerful governor to the Pharaoh.


Jacob and Rachel with Joseph's coat of many colours

The story of Joseph is told in the Book of Genesis in the Hebrew Bible. Joseph was the son of Jacob and Rachel. Jacob loved Joseph very much and gave him many gifts, including a coat of many colours. Joseph's brothers were jealous. They threw Joseph into a pit where he was found by passing merchants. The merchants sold Joseph as a slave in Egypt. There, Joseph worked out the meaning of the Pharaoh's dreams. His skill earned him the job of Governor of Egypt. He was responsible for giving out grain during a famine. Among those who came to him were his brothers, who had come to buy corn. Joseph forgave his brothers. Eventually the whole family, including Joseph, settled in Egypt.


Joseph interpreting the dream of Pharaoh

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