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Abu Bakr

Abu Bakr was the closest companion of the Prophet Muhammad. He joined Muhammad on his journey to Medina in AD 622

Abu Bakr was born into a wealthy family in Mecca, the Muslim holy city. As an adult, he became good fiends with his neighbour, Muhammad. In AD 610, he became the first person outside Muhammad's family to become a Muslim. He earned the tile al-siddiq (the truthful one) for his loyalty. When the Muslims were forced to leave Mecca, he joined Mushammad in the hijra (flight) to Medina. On the flight, they hid in cave called Qar al-Thawr.

When Muhammad died in AD 632, Abu Bakr was chosen ans the first Caliph (leader) of the Muslims. In his short time as leader, he stopped a rebellion against his rule. He also began an Islamic empire by conquering Iran, Iraq, and the Middle East. Abu Bakr collected Muhammad's teachings into a book called the Qur'an (or Koran).

Abu Bakr stops the Meccan Mob


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