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Abraham is the historical figure deemed to be the founder of Israel. Judaism calls Abraham one of the 12 Patriarchs. He is called the founding father of the Jewish people.

According to the Hebrew Bible, Abraham was born in Ur in Mesopotamia (Modern day Iraq) around 1800 BC. At that time, people believed in many gods, but Abraham worshipped one God.

Abraham's God told him to go to Canaan (now called Israel) where he would become the father of a new people. Abraham placed his trust in God and obeyed him, even though it meant leaving his home for the unknown. God continued to test Abraham. He asked Abraham to sacrifice his own son, Issac. Abraham was ready to obey; God stopped him by sending an Angel at the last moment.


An angel prevents the sacrifice of Issac by Abraham.

Abraham is a great figure in three world religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. These are sometimes called Abrahamic Religions.

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