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In asking what made God, you make the basic assumption that causality is external to the universe. If causality is nonexistent outside the universe, God could well be never beginning and never ending. But there isn't any way of determining the physical laws that exist outside of the universe, so the only answer to your question is, "You'll have to ask God when you're dead."

...or (since the above assumes a particular nature of God which is not actually described)...

God was made by those who believe in "God". Who is "God"? The general concept appears to be from the monotheistic religions arising from he Middle East, such as Christianity, Judaism, and Muslim believers. They each "made" God differently, but similarly. God is also made by the holy writings of these religions which include descriptions and recounts of the supposed actions of God. Without the writings, the shared belief in God would lack a consistent reference. Of course, each religion has its own different sacred texts, although some are shared. So, from an atheistic, historical perspective, God was created by the shared beliefs of believers and what was written down and shared as a reference.

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