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  • The Catholic Church claims St Peter as its founder and names Peter as first Bishop of Rome.


Anglican Catholic Answer!

The One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church is the Body of Christ here on earth and entry is made through a valid ,'Triune Baptism .' After training in the Faith by suitable teachers we are then confirmed in our beliefs by a valid bishop.Edit

The Church was founded in an upper room in Jerusalem ,at the instigation of the Holy Ghost and the College of Apostles. The proceedings were recorded in Scripture in the Book of Acts.Initially the infant church was referred to as the Church of God, at Corinth, Ephesus or wherever a number of Christ's followers were present. As sufficient  numbers grew the method of address changed. In Britain the faithfull were known as the Church in Britain, in Rome the term was the Suburbicarian Church of Rome and it existed for about a hundred leagues about Rome. As membership and power grew the Church ,instead of an Island round about the City,  began to take  most  part of the peninsular from the waist to the toe and the major islands.

Initially the Holy Catholic Church was centered on the early eastern part of the Roman Empire based around the four Patriarchies, Alexandria, Antioch and other bishopric or Patriarchates. In its early dates the Catholic Church was based on the above    Edit

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