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God is mentioned and described differently in all the many religions of mankind.

  • In Hinduism, God is Brahman, in whom the Universes exist. God has many names and many forms, and has come to earth many times in a human form.
  • In Zoroastrianism, God is Ahura Mazda, the creator, who receives all worship and prayers. In this religion, God is the fire.

  • In Judaism, God is Jehovah (or Yahweh) (the pronunciation of the name has been lost) and is a God who calls Israel to be his people, in a covenant. God is, but turns, angry, jealous, loving, forgiving, and all compassionate.

  • In Christianity, God is the triune Father, Son and Holy Ghost (or Holy Spirit). God is all three at one and the same time, so Jesus is both Son of God and the fulness of God. St Thomas Aquinas gave a definition of God as summum bonum, God is the highest good.

  • In Islam, God is called Allah, and has no sons, no wife, no assistants. God is only One, and Mohammed is his prophet. God has given his true and final revelation to mankind in the Qur'an

  • In plain language, God is being, all being takes its life and existence from God. God is existence, the source of all and the receiver of all when spirit or being leaves the body.

  • God is whatever you say God is. God answers to all names and to all forms of worship.

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