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The word inspiration comes by way of the Latin and the King James Bible, meaning, "immediate influence of God or a god,"

The Bible contains many passages in which the authors claim divine inspiration for their message, or report the effects of such inspiration on others. Besides the direct accounts of written revelation, such as Moses receiving the Ten Commandments, the Prophets of the Old Testament frequently claimed that their message was divine by the formula "Thus says the LORD"

Scriptures are historical records of the divine self revelation. These were originally oral narrative, passed down through repetition until formally codified and recorded as text on papyrus, scrolls, or parchment. Many texts have been subjected to revision, additions and changes, as well as redaction. The same applies to the New Testament.

On a faith level, the Bible is regarded as inerrant; free from error. The content of the Bible is not disputed; there is a God, who loves, who calls man into relationship with him, through many covenants, the last being the new covenant in the person of Jesus of Nazareth.

On a practical human level, all the books of the Bible have been edited by human editors over many centuries, and there are debates about sources, and additions to nearly all the books therein. This gives rise to various forms of Biblical study, such as source criticism, form criticism, redaction criticism and so on.

Many Protestant Churches see the Bible as a truly human product whose creation was superintended by the Holy Spirit, preserving the authors' works from error without eliminating their specific concerns, situation, or style. This divine involvement, they say, allowed the biblical writer to reveal God's own message to the immediate recipients of the writings and to those who would come later, communicating God's message without corrupting it.


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