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Who founded christianity?

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This question is the subject of much debate.

  • There are those who say (and swear black and blue) that Jesus is the founder of Christianity.

  • There are those who say (and swear black and blue) that Paul is the founder of Christianity

  • There are those who say (and swear black and blue) that the Four Gospel Writers are the founders of Christianity.

  • How you answer this question depends on what you understand by Christianity, and the Early Church.

  • Christianity is a religion with a set of specific beliefs, doctrines and teachings

  • The Church teaches and practices those beliefs, doctrines and teachings.

  • These are all found in the Gospels, and in the Letters of Paul, what is called the Pauline Epistles.

  • There is no one black and white answer, the real answer is something of a mash-up of all three. All get their sources on the life of Jesus from the Gospels and the Letters of the Early Church

  • All derive their teachings from the Gospels and the Letters of Paul

  • The Church, in large measure, outside Palestine, was shaped and formed by the work of Paul.

  • The Early Church was observing Passover by visiting the empty tomb of Jesus. It is established that this traditional activity was happening every year by around 50AD; so you may safely surmise the early church was founded by that time.

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