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Hinduism has gods who have form, and those who do not have form.

The main god that does not have any form is Brahman; Brahman exists within and permeates all things that exist. It is said, Ekam sath viprah baahudha vadanti (All is one, but the wise refer to it by various names). Sometimes the term Easwara is used for God. (It means, God!)

The main Gods are the Trinity (called trimurthi) of Creator, Preserver, Destroyer ~ Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva. Shiva is sometimes called Maheswara.

There are Gods who have descended to earth and taken human form. These are called Avatars. The main avatars are Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna is also called a Poorna Avatar, one who has descended with all attributes of divinity. There are also part-Avatars, that is, incarnations with one or another aspect of divinity, but not all. It is said that Chaitanya was an avatar. Hinduism recognises Jesus as an Avatar of Prema, Avatar of Love.

The god is often called hrudaya vasi, the indweller of the heart; there are also family gods and personal gods, called Ishtadevata

The main gods of Hinduism are:

Brahma (Creator)
Vishnu (Preserver)
Shiva (Destroyer)
Rama (Avatar of Vishnu)
Krishna (Avatar of Vishnu)
Durga (The Demon Slayer)
Gayatri (Goddess who protects all and bestows spiritual progress)
Ganga Ma (Mother Ganga - The Ganges River)
Kali (Warrior Goddess; removes bad human qualities)
Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth)
Pavati (Consort of Shiva)
Sarasvati (feminine; Goddess of Learning)
Shatki (feminine; Feminine Power)
Ganesha (leader of the Ganas; who removes obstacles)
Hanuman (Servant of Rama; an immortal; sometimes called the Monkey god - this is inaccurate as he was of the Varnara race and could speak and write. )
Subramaniam (sometimes called Skanda or Murugan; God of War, patron of devotees)
Surya (Sun God)

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