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Your grandmother has gone to the Afterlife.

Everyone goes to the Afterlife. Many people give this different terms, such as Heaven, Paradise, Valhalla, Vaikuntha, Swarga, and the Nirvana of the Buddhists.

A body is what you have for a short time.

Being is what you are (a human being, for the genus is Homo sapiens sapiens ... this means you are self-aware ... you are aware of yourself, and you know that you can know things ...)

So you have being, and you keep that being when you go to the afterlife. You leave the body behind, you leave the mind behind, you do not cease to exist; nor does your grandmother. You exist as pure being. Life is eternal life, forever.

  • A body is what you have ....
  • Being is what you are ....
  • Love is what you do ....
  • and love is the Afterlife.

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