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For many people, When Am I Going To Die is the greatest fear they have, for it means (to them) the end of the self. The Ego fears annihilation, its own death, and will go to any lengths to avoid this.

In literature, death is called The Final Frontier, The Great Unknown, The Last Enemy, and sometimes, The Great Adventure.

For those who believe in life after death, then it is something to look forward to.

In Hinduism, it is taught that the moment of your death is known at the moment of your birth. The god Brahma, the Creator, places an unseen garland around your neck, and when all the flowers on the garland have dissolved, then that is the moment of your death.

The only way to die well is to live well. Living well means living consciously, consciously choosing the best for yourself with every thought, every word, every action. Unity of thought, word and action is authentic, true humanity.

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