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  • According to the World Christian Database, Argentines are 92.1% Christian, 3.1% agnostic, 1.9% Muslim, and 1.3% Jewish. Argentine Christians are mostly Roman Catholic.


  • Argentina has the largest Jewish population in Latin America with about 230,000. The community numbered about 400,000 after World War II, but the appeal of Israel and economic and cultural pressures at home led many to leave; recent instability in Israel has resulted in a modest reversal of the trend since 2003.
  • Muslim Argentines number about 500,000–600,000, or approximately 1.5% of the population; 93% of them are Sunni.
  • . A recent study found that approximately 11% of Argentines are non-religious, including those who believe in God, though not religion, agnostics (4%) and atheists (5%).

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