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  • Christianity is based on the New Testament, a record by the followers of Jesus
  • Islam is based on the Koran, a record of the teachings received by the Prophet Muhammad
  • Christianity teaches Jesus is the Son of God and that there is a Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • Islam teaches there is only ONE God, and he has no helpers, family nor sons
  • Christianity teaches that Jesus was born of a virgin and was the Son of God.
  • Islam teaches that Jesus was born of a virgin, his name was Isa, and he is honoured as a prophet of God.
  • Christianity teaches that salvation is won by Jesus in his death on the Cross. This is called the Redemption.
  • Islam teaches that Paradise may be won by practising the Five Pillars of Islam and avoiding all occasions of haram and shirk (sin and evil)
  • Christianity takes up the Law of Moses and enjoins the Ten Commandments on all the followers of Jesus.
  • Islam has Sharia law, that is, religious law based on the Koran and Hadith, the sayings of the friends of Prophet Muhammad
  • Christianity in the Bible teaches that Christ died for all, and all must come to God through Christ.
  • Islam teaches that the Koran is the final revelation of God to mankind and the Muhammad was God's last messenger.
  • Christianity records in the New Testament that Jesus will return to collect his followers and take them to Heaven. There will be a general judgement.
  • The Koran has much, much more information about Jesus and what the return of Jesus will accomplish.

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