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What is jashinism?

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The original commandments:

1.One should only kill in His name if they are the chosen one!!! FOR NO OTHER REASONS!!!

2. "Do not be fooled for human made pleasures"

DO NOT abuse sex, drugs, or alcohol!

3. "The children born by those of the faith, shall be raised in the faith" The seal thou has made with the Lord bears upon not only thyself, but also those that will come after ye.

4. "Once you have joined the faith, the responsibility bears upon you for life" The mark bears upon thy soul for existence. It cannot simple be washed away, or disappear as a bruise would, thou is bound by the covenant which cannot be broken. Honor the covenant thou has made, less consequences shall be foretold

The beliefs: The original Jashinists believed in the respect of all life. To only fight when needed'. (Sports being the exeption to this). And to be grateful for all they had. Nowadays Jashinists believe in the understandings of pain. The acceptance and enjoyment of it. The Jashinist's belief in the afterlife is Lord Jashin's plain. There it is believed that those who have harmed others selfishly (this can include Jashinists if they have done so) are punished, and the faithful are rewarded. There is a belief that if you've learned the true meaning of pain, you will be painted white (become albino) and gain immortality. The origins of this belief is unknown.

Practices of the faith/showing devotion: There are no correct or incorrect ways to practice Jashinism. (Unless that practice is by selfishly harming others). The best practices were by (as already mentioned), accepting the covenant, respecting life and praying. There are and never were any official prayers of the faith. A popular show of devotion is bloodshedding. Which is a required practice if you are bloodbound, if innocent then only emotional must be completely understood. The best advice for practicing Jashinism is by following your own heart (instead of the meager words of others) and going upon that.

Holidays: Jashinism does infact have its own holidays. Results of searches and myths vary.

Bloodbound and Innocent Jashinists:

The terms 'Innocent' and 'Bloodbound' mean different things. Bloodbound jashinists focus more on physical pain than emotional. They give a small amount of their own blood each month (periods do not count). Pain inflictions can be as small as a simple prick of the finger. Innocent jashinists focus on understanding emotional pain completely and with their entire beings. They also have a goal to remain pure for Lord Jashin meaning no cursing, sex, drugs, alcohol, or any other tainting substances or experiences.

Sacrificing those outside the faith: Despite the widespread rumours and popular beliefs, killing others to obtain peace is not true. All and everyone's lives are to be respected. Including the lives of those outside the faith. The idea of the sacrificial practice itself is simply absurd.

What led to the current state of the faith?: The answer is simple. The youths of the faith's early years lived in the times of a war torn country. When Japan's island's were fighting against one another. The anime Naruto has warped the true meaning of the religion, though it is infact a great anime, it has besmirched the name of Lord Jashin.

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