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  • Jainism is a variant of Vedanta which practices discrimination, detachment and freedom from the control of the senses.
  • Jains may be swetambara (clothed) or digambara (unclothed)
  • The teachings followed by Jains was given by Mahavir, who was a teacher (called Tirthankara) who lived around 599 BC
  • People who follow Jainism are called Jains
  • Jains comes from the sanskrit word jina
  • A jina is a conqueror, a victor, one who has victory over the cycle of life and death
  • Jains follow the Law of Karma (every action produces a reaction)
  • Jains follow the path of Moksha (release from rebirth)
  • Jains practice Ahimsa (non-violence or non-injury to all things)
  • Jains are vegetarian
  • Jains practice self control and celibacy
  • Jains practice non-acquisition (they manage their minds and do not desire nor acquire everything they see)
  • Jains practice ANEKANTAVADA
  • This is a critical practice which the business world and leadership have taken up. It is the practice of seeing things from another point of view, looking for all possible points of view on a situation.


People Who wore no cloths or just wore a white robe