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  • For Sikhs, worship is integrated with all of human life. So everyday Sikhism is living with worship; Sikhs wear their turbans, have their hair unshorn, have a special comb in the hair, and so forth.
  • The ritual part of worship is the Gurudwara, the temple, where the Holy Book is, the holy book called the Guru Granth Sahib.
  • At the temple, the Sikh listens to recitations from the holy book and participates in devotional singing to the many names and forms of God. This is called Shabad Kirtan, holy singing, bhajanmala, devotional singing.

Khalsa Sikhism has five elements: 5 K's which are the things Sikhs wear at all times. They are:

  • Having unshorn/cut hair. This is called Kes. One must, whether male or female, is required to keep their Kes covered, whether it be in the form of a turban, bandana, or a scarf (Chunni)

  • Having a wooden comb in their hair. This is called Kangha. This symbolizes cleanliness which is an important part of Sikhism.

  • Having an iron bracelet. This is for protection and physical reminder that a one is bound to the Guru. This is called Kara.

  • Wearing cotton underwear that does not always have to be used as underwear. This is called Kachera. It is a reminder to stay away from lust and attachment.

  • Carrying a sword with oneself. This is worn to defend one's faith and protect the weak. This is called Kirpan. It is only to be used in self-defence.

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