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"Good Friday" is the day before the Christian holiday of Easter. It commemorates the crucifixion and death of religious leader Jesus Christ. In additon to pious processions and public prayers, passion and death of Christ


Christ crucified alongside the thieves Dismas and Gestas. Image taken from a 2017 Via Crucis.

are re-enacted in many places of the Christian world with real scenes of his way to Calvary and his public crucifixion alongside two thieves. Many people acting like figurants and local actors participate in these performances which gather many Christian believers or just people fascinated by this kind of events. Normaly more than fifty actors are involved in the representation. The role of Christ uses to have several candidates, while playing as any of the two thieves seems not to be so desirable. Nearby villages compite between them in order to offer the best realism and spectacle to their visitors.

Jesus Second Word

Jesus promises his kingdom to Dismas, the repentant thief (Good Friday 2011)

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