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Death is a natural phenomenon for all living creatures.every living being is going to die some day , maybe sooner, maybe later , but it will happen to each one . .ALLAH , THE ALMIGHTY SAYS :

every soul will taste death.then to us u will be returned .(29:57) .(surah ankabot)

death puts an end to the human body but does not destroy the soul . the soul is taken by a angle,

malakul-maut, to Allah.

the death person is aware of of the scene around him, but he cannot communicate with living beings. the death person hears those mourning his death, he feels himself being buried and he hears the footsteps of the people when they leave his grave.

questioning in the grave the first trail of of the akirah (hereafter)

two angels munkir and nakir come to the grave .

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Death is dropping the body. That is the first stage. Thereafter, there is no suffering. Pain and suffering are only functions of the body.

The second stage is discarding the mind and all its impressions and attachments. Suffering and punishment are discarded; you are a witness to your mind, and your mind leaves off all such impressions.

All is left is Being, Awareness and Bliss.

Thereafter, you journey to encounter the Divine.