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Many people consider they are practising Christians because they go to church and/or take Mass or the Lord's Supper (depending on denomination).

Doctrinally speaking, some denominations and Christian community churches define a practising Christian is one who has accepted the faith by asking Jesus into their Heart (metaphorically), which means they have accepted Him as the Saviour of the world. To be a practising Christian means to actually be of the faith, to have Jesus as their Saviour, etc.

All Christians believe that Jesus Died on the Cross and was Ressurected on the Third Day (Easter).

Practicing Christians may also:~

  • Have a Bible or read one.
  • Pray on various occasions.
  • They may attend a Christian church (one such as Catholic or Protestant)
    • NOTE: If they attend a Mormon temple (also called Latter-Day Saints) and believe in the Book of Mormon, as well as the Holy Bible, depending on their obedience and faithfulness to Jesus Christ, they then would also be considered Christians.

  • They are Baptised (either immersion or sprinkling)

  • They may have taken the Holy Sacrament, sometimes called the Lord's Supper. In Catholicism, it is called Mass.

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