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Taveez or Tawiz is singular word meaning charm. Taweezat is plural meaning charms. Most of you are aware about the use of charms and we also know that there are different types of charms same like there are various kinds of Taweezat.

Muslims use written taweezs which have Quranic verses on a piece of paper or other material. Usually it is written in ink or with Zafran also there are various types of

taweezat in which the Quranic verses are written on metallic small sheets or pieces.

There are various types of ready made taweez available ,but it should be noted that every single taweez is written for specific purpose and problem. It should be noted that scanned taweez and printed taweez don't work. The reason for this is that every single taweez is based on individual needs and according to their numerlogical and astronomical reports

Different Types of Taweez:-

Like "Taweez for love, Taweez for marriage, Taweez for husband and wife, Taweez for wealth, Taweez for success, Taweez for luck etc."

But basic taweez are based on four elements such as Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

Earth Taweez:- This taweez can be carved on metal or written in ink or with zafran on paper. The proper way of using such taweez is to burry it in soil.

Fire Taweez:- This taweez can also be carved on mental or written in ink or with zafran on paper. The proper way of using this taweez is to put it in fire or near heat.

Water Taweez:- These are taweez which needs to be thrown in water for example river , lake etc.

Air Taweez:- These taweez are hanged in air for example on roof or on tree.

Source:- Taweezat

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