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  • A sword is a hand-held weapon made of metal. It has a long blade, and a handle called a hilt. Often there is some form of hand protection, such as a cross-guard or a basket. It can be used either for cutting, slashing or stabbing, depending on the type of sword.
  • So a sword may symbolise strength, valour, protection, defense
  • There are many kinds of swords. One kind of sword is a sabre (or saber). A sabre is a curved, light, sword, sharpened on one side and at the tip, and was generally used on horseback. A broadsword is a straight sword that is sharp on both sides and at the tip. A rapier is long and thin, with a basket protecting the hand. Another type of sword is a foil, used in sport fencing, and is long, and thin, with a button at the tip to protect the fencers from injury. Larger swords, such as Longswords or claymores are used with two hands.
Viking Swords


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