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  • The monkey symbolises several aspects of the mind in Hinduism
  • The monkey symbolises attachment. Put a sweet in a jar and let a monkey near it. It will put its hand in and grasp the sweet, but cannot pull its hand out; the monkey will never let go of the sweet, it is attached to what is in the hand. So the monkey symbolises the attachment called desire in the mind.
  • The monkey is the madcap mind which jumps from one thing to another to another to another and never stops. So it symbolises the monkey-mind, always going from one thing to another.

Hindus do not worship animals, although it is believed that the spark of the divine, the soul, is present in animals.

There is Lord Hanuman, a vanara, (an extinct race of intelligent monkeys) who is worshipped as the ideal deovtee, and is an immortal who was given the promise by God Rama that where ever the story of Rama is told, Hanuman may be present.

It is commonly mistaken that monkeys are worshipped; this is not so, Lord Hanuman is worshipped as a model devotee of the Divine.


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