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Sikhs do have several celebrations around this time of year, most notably the birthday celebration of the first guru, Guru Nanak Dev, which fell on Nov. 2 in 2010.

Guru Gobind Singh meets Guru Nanak


Sikhs will also celebrate the birthday of the 10th guru, Guru Gobind Singh, on January 5

Guru Gobind Singh 1

5. While the celebrations involve singing, reading of the sacred scripture, processions and the sharing of sweets, there isn't too much emphasis on the gift-giving that's typical of Christmas, normally.

However, there are Sikhs who put up lights and call them Khalsa lights; there are Sikhs who do go and shop for presents and give them on Christmas Day. Although Christmas is a Christian Festival, it is celebrated as a Cultural Holiday by many Sikhs who live in western countries, away from the Punjab. Although many do not sing Christmas Carols, they do enjoy them.

There are some Sikhs who say that sant and santa are the same word. Sant is the holy guru tradition in Sikhism. Perhaps Santa wears a red turban on other days of the year!


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