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Different Hindus belong to different schools, and so, have different rituals and beliefs. However, there are some broad beliefs which cross all of Hinduism:

  • God is the author of life, and the author of all that is

  • Everything comes from God and will return to God. Everything shares the nature of God, and thus, has part of his being within. This is called Atman.

  • Life is cyclic, with birth, living in this world, death, and rebirth. In other words, every Hindu believes in reincarnation.

  • Hindus believe that by following the four goals of life, that is, wealth, right conduct, proper fulfilment and management of desire, and seeking liberation, they will eventually merge with God and not be reborn. These goals are called purusharthas, the great goals.

  • Hindus believe that certain things are eternal and beyond time, yet enter time, and are resident or within all things. One of these is Dharma, right conduct, doing the right thing, living righteously. This righteousness, called dharma is the basis of the universe, and the order of all that has existence. It is the dharma of an orange to taste like an orange and not an apple; it is the dharma of beasts of burden to carry their burdens, it is the dharma of fire to burn, the Sun to give night and day, the water to fall down, and the wind to blow.
  • More importantly, it is the dharma of human beings to be fully human, fully divine. This means that every man, woman and child ought seek to serve and love God in all things that they do, and to love God means loving and helping your neighbour.

  • Help ever, Hurt never, Love all, Serve all; these are the fulness of the Hindu scripture and Hindu belief.

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