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Thomas Becket was born 1118 in Cheapside, London. He died 29 December 1170 (aged 52) at Canterbury. He is buried in Canterbury Cathedral

He was made a saint. His Feast day is 29 December. He is venerated in the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Communion. His Title as Saint Bishop and Martyr

The way Becket died is he was murdered by four of King Henry II's knights inside the Cathedral at Canterbury. Becket and King Henry had been close friends. King Henry appointed Becket Archibishop Of Canterbury hoping that Becket would let him control the church's authority. Becket would not let that happen. In a fit of anger at his former friend, Henry shouted words to the effect that he wondered who would get rid of Becket for him. The four knights overheard this, went to the Cathedral and murdered Becket thinking this is what King Henry actually wanted.

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