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A Rabbi needs scholarship; he or she must know Talmud Torah, the Law of Moses, Midrash and Halakhah, the application of the Law.

In order to be accepted, a student has to have studied Talmud in a post-high school yeshiva environment for a significant period, and, of course, he or she has to demonstrate an appropriate level of piety and observance. Usually, rabbinical schools spend the majority of the day – generally from nine in the morning until three in the afternoon – studying Talmud.

A Rabbi needs homiletics; he or she must know how to communicate to a congregation and inspire them to lead a life of fidelity unto G_D and to hold and keep the Law of Moses, the Torah.

A Rabbi needs pastoral skills; he or she must be a good listener, a comfort in grief and suffering, a counsellor, a guide, a signpost.

A Rabbi needs leadership skills; he or she should possess and actively develop the capacity to lead a community in faith; at home, in chaplaincy (prisons and hospitals), in the workplace, in the Synagogue.