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What some people call "El Niño" are actually normal weather and atmospheric conditions of the earth. Similar things have happened in the earth in the past. The earth, like the whole planetary system will have changes due to its aging. Nobody can stop that, and nothing we ever do will change the outcome of that.

What does "El Niño" have to do with religion? Edit

"El Niño" translates to Spanish as "the child" who lots of Spanish speaking people refer to as "Jesus Christ"; they insist that the "upcoming" of Jesus Christ has to do with the cause of the changes of the atmospheric conditions in the earth. For that hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes and such have been blamed onto "El Niño" (Jesus Christ).

This page says:

"Originally, the name El Niño (Spanish for "the Christ child") was coined in the late 1800s by fishermen along the coast of Peru to refer to a seasonal invasion of warm southward ocean current that displaced the north-flowing cold current in which they normally fished; typically this would happen around Christmas. Today, the term no longer refers to the local seasonal current shift but to part of a phenomenon known as El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO), a continual but irregular cycle of shifts in ocean and atmospheric conditions that affect the globe. El Niño has come to refer to the more pronounced weather effects associated with anomalously warm sea surface temperatures interacting with the air above it in the eastern and central Pacific Ocean. Its counterpart--effects associated with colder-than-usual sea surface temperatures in the region--was labeled "La Niña" (or "little girl") as recently as 1985."

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