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  • Lutherans believe the Bible is the one true book of faith.
  • Lutherans believe in the Fall, that is, the sin of Adam and Eve
  • Lutherans believe that prayers to Saints is a form of idolatry.
  • Lutherans only have two sacraments, Baptism and the Lord's Supper

  • Lutherans believe every individual has the right to read the Bible in their own language. Anyone who reads a Bible in their own language is indebted to the Lutherans who began this tradition and thus, made it possible for millions and millions to read and pray to God in their own language. (You must remember, the first person burned at the stake in America was burned because she said her prayers in Latin and not English).

  • Lutherans believe in Salvation by Grace through Faith - Martin Luther taught that salvation comes by grace through faith alone; not by works. He taught that the sacraments are a way for God to bring the promise of salvation to us; they are the gospel to us in physical form. The sacrament of Holy Baptism is the way that God marks you as his own, and a Lutheran clings to that Promise from God. In the same way, Luther taught that the Communion of Saints also brought the power of salvation through the preaching of the Word and by the power in that Word, to believe that we have indeed taken Jesus' flesh and blood to be ours, and because of his promise within the sacrament, we are truly his children. The Sacraments get their power from the Words of God preached with them and the promises of God attached to them, recieved by faith alone. Lutherans to not teach that the Sacraments are some way of adding to a pile of merit, but are the saving Grace of Jesus Christ himself, because of his command for us to do them and his promises that he gives with them.
  • Lutherans taught that Salvation is for All - Martin Luther believed that salvation is available to all humans through the redeeming work of Christ. Here, he departed from the Church of Rome, which, at that time, taught that outside the Roman Church, there can be no salvation.