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The main Sikh festivals are

  • Parkash Utsav - This festival's name, when translated, means the celebration of the Divine Light, or Divine Knowledge. This is held on 31 January
  • Lohri - Harvest Festival similar to Makara Sankranti, and is held on 13/14 January
  • Maghi - Maghi commemorates the martyrdom of the "Forty Immortals," forty followers of Guru Gobind Singh who had previously deserted him, fought bravely against overwhelming Mughal army forces and were martyred in Muktsar. This is celebrated on 13 January
  • Vaisakhi - the Birth of the Khalsa, or Sikh religion. This is celebrated on April 13
  • Martyrdom of Guru Arjun Dev - Guru Arjan Dev Sahib was martyred on this day, according to the Nanakshahi calendar.
  • Parkash Divas - Parkash Divas is the day where the Guru Granth Sahib was instituted. Sikhs go to a local temple for a prayer, and hymns. This is celebrated on 1 September
  • Diwali - Festival of Lights. Same festival as Diwali/Deepavali in Hinduism. Is celebrated on November 9

  • Guru Nanak Jayanthi - Birthday of Guru Nanak. This is celebrated on November 24


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