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Some of the prophets are

  • Micaiah - mocked the professional prophets, and was a prophet of doom; predicted Syria would defeat Israel. His prophecy was proved correct and 400 prophets were proved wrong.

  • Elijah - was a great ninth-century BC prophet who predicted a drought and directly confronted the prophets of Baal, the god of fertility, on Mt. Carmel. Jesus said that John the Baptist was the prophet Elijah, reincarnated.

  • Amos - sought to remind the northern tribes that they were one with the southern tribes of Israel; he predicted doom, Israel would fall. Amos told Israel her punishment would be severe because she had strayed from God.

  • Hosea - his career took place in the last years of King Jereboam II and the instability that followed. Like Amos, Hosea predicted doom, but offered hope of restoration. God wants Israel to come back, with all their hearts.

  • Isaiah - had a great love for Jerusalem. He advocated total trust in God. Isaiah envisioned the building of a new Jerusalem.

  • Micah - was a rural prophet who was appalled at the disparity of the actions of Jehovah, and those of Israel. It was Micah who prophesied that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem.

  • Ezekiel - was a prophet to those in exile in Babylon. He was struck dumb for seven years, for he refused to prophesy. Ezekiel stated that each individual had to be responsible for his own destiny.

  • Jeremiah - was the most personal and human of all prophets. He freely admitted his lonliness and pain. He was thrown down the well, and wandered around naked. He spent time in prison. He fought with court prophets. He declared a new covenant, and taught that all initiative was God's, all authority was God's, and that the Torah (the law) would be written on human hearts.

  • Joel taught that God would pour out his spirit on his people and call them his own.

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