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Muslims follow a religion called Islam

Islam teaches

  • there is only one God, Allah, and he has no sons, no partners, no assistants
  • There is only one Prophet, Muhammad, and Allah gives the final teaching to mankind through Muhammad

Muslims must have

  • Belief in God. Islam teaches God is one, without a partner.
  • Belief in His Angels. Angels are creations of God, the originator, and are creations of light
  • Belief in His Books: Muslims must believe all of the original scriptures given by God to his messengers. The scriptures mentioned by God in the Qu'ran are
  • The original scrolls revealed to Abraham
  • The original Torah revealed to Moses
  • The original Psalms revealed to David
  • The original Injeel (Gospel) revealed to Jesus
  • The Qu'ran revealed to Muhammad

  • Belief in His Prophets and his Messengers
  • Belief in the Day of Judgement
  • Belief in Divine Decree

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