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The Talmud is a collection of texts that are important in Judaism. These texts are about discussions Rabbis had regarding Jewish law, ethics, customs and history. The Talmud has two parts, the Mishnah and the Gem

  • Talmud consists of oral law and commentaries
  • Talmud has been rejected by some sections of Judaism as a supplementary rendition of the Torah.
  • Talmud is a central component of the Yeshiva curriculum for those training to be Rabbis.
  • Talmud is cited as a historical source text for Halakha.
  • Talmud is used as a source of inspiration and moral guidance
  • The charge against the Talmud brought by the Christian convert Nicholas Donin led to the first public disputation between Jews[18] and Christians and to the first burning of copies of the Talmud (Paris, Place de Grève, Friday June 17, 1242
  • Pope Martin V issued a Bull forbidding Jews to read the Talmud and ordered destruction of all copies of it. (This was to remain inoperative...)
  • Talmud makes little mention of Jesus directly or the early Christians.

  • Anti-Talmud accusations have a long history dating back to the 13th century when the associates of the Inquisition attempted to defame Jews and their religion