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Kabir lived from 1440- 1518

Kabir was a weaver and mystic poet who lived in Benares for 120 years. He was an important influence on the Hindus and Muslims [then called Mohammedans] of his time and also a profound influence on Nanaka Shah, the founder of the Sikh religion. Many poems of Kabir can be found in the Guru Granth Sahib, the sacred scriptures that form the Guru of Sikhism.

  • Guru Nanak is the founder of the religion we call Sikhism
  • He lived 15 April 1469 – 22 September 1539
  • He was the first of the Ten Gurus in Sikhism
  • He disappeared one day while bathing, and came back saying, there is only One God.

Guru nanak

Tulsidas lived a bit later than Kabir and Guru Nanak; Tulsidas lived from 1543-1623

Records are not clear, but it is thought that Tulsidas was born in 1543, probably Rajapur, India, d.1623, Varanasi), Tulsidas was an Indian sacred poet whose principal work, the Rama charita-manasa. ("Sacred Lake of the Acts of Rama"), became an extremely popular form of devotional literature which has exercised an abiding influence on the devotional culture of North India.

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