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  • The Lutheran church is one of the major Christian churches. It is the largest Protestant church. There are more than sixty million Lutherans in the world.
  • The greatest number of Lutherans is in northern Europe and the USA. In Australia and New Zealand almost 255,000 people call themselves Lutherans.
  • The Lutheran church is the oldest Protestant church. It dates back to the Reformation in the sixteenth century when Martin Luther challenged some of the teachings and practices of the church of his day. Luther insisted that the Bible is the authority that decides what the church should teach and do.
  • The name 'Lutheran' was given to people who believed that Martin Luther was right in his interpretation of the Bible.
  • Lutherans believe the Bible is the one true book of faith.
  • Lutherans believe in the Fall, that is, the sin of Adam and Eve
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  • Lutherans believe in Salvation by Grace through Faith - Martin Luther taught that salvation comes by grace through faith alone; not by works and sacraments.
  • Lutherans taught that Salvation is for All - Martin Luther believed that salvation is available to all humans through the redeeming work of Christ. Here, he departed from the Church of Rome, which, at that time, taught that outside the Roman Church, there can be no salvation.