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Who is Followed - Waheguru (the great teacher)

Religious Book - Guru Granth Sahib, read by the Granthi in Gurmurki

Place of worship - Gurdwara

Specific Rooms in Place of Worship - Kitchen-- They prepare food for the poor, Langar Hall - Vegetarian foods are given to every Worshipper, Shoe Room - When you enter the gurdwara you must be clean as this is a sign of pureness, School Room - Children learn and hear various religious passages as they might do in a Sunday School for Christians, Rest room - At night they put the Holy Book to rest there on its own stand, Diwan Hall - The main rom is there where services, sermons and praying would take place.

Important teachings - There is only One God. Worship and pray to only that one God. Different religions are all paths to the same God.You should always work hard. Everyone is equal in God's eyes. Always speak the truth

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