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There is the Jesus of History and the Jesus of Faith

The Jesus of History impacted on the people of his times. He was followed by crowds, and fed the multitudes with the loaves and fishes. He had to go away at night to be alone, such were the crowds that were following him. Once upon a time, people removed the roof in order to lower a paralytic man into the room where Jesus was talking, so that he could be healed.

The Jesus of History has become the Jesus of Faith for millions, all over the world, in all the different Christian denominations. Early Christians held onto their faith in Jesus when they were thrown to the lions or crucified and set on fire by the Roman Emperor Nero. In the early ages of Christianity, thousands upon thousands were killed if they followed a heretical form of Christianity.

The Jesus of Faith has sustained and been the life purpose of monks in caves, anchorites in the desert, or cenobites in monastery cells. The Church has thousands of Saints and role models in the faith, from St Francis to Mother Teresa. Kings and Queens have been religious exemplars such as Albert the Great.

The impact of Jesus and his teachings will remain. Jesus taught the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Christian charity has built up many humanitarian and charitable groups in the world today, which have embodied and given form to this teaching of Jesus.

Jesus taught the parable of the Lost Sheep. One day, Catherine Booth was walking through a field of snow, and saw what she thought was a bundle of rags, move. It was a woman, lying in the Snow. Along with her husband, William Booth, they formed the Salvation Army, an organisation which has given food, clothing and shelter to many of the destitute in that country. Now, the Salvation Army does so, world-wide, simply founded on the teachings of Jesus as that which makes men and women truly men and women of good character, of selflessness and dedicated to the service of their fellow man and woman.

Jesus taught that the Kingdom of God is within you. This has inspired Saints, Mystics and ordinary people throughout the ages to seek the God within. Fruit of this is the life of peace, and the charity which loves all, and serves all.

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