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  • 534 BCE ~ Before the Common Era
  • Extant religions are Hinduism, with all its variants
  • Jainism
  • Sikhism
  • Confucianism in the Far East
  • In the near east, the tribes of Israel worship of Jehovah in what was to become Judaism
  • Zoroastrianism, the Persian worship of Ahura Mazda
  • Egyptian religion with its remnant worship of Aten
  • Roman religion with Jupiter Optimus Maximus and the minor roman gods
  • Greek Religion with Zeus and the Twelve Olympians (gods who reside on Mount Olympus)
  • European nature religions with nature worship and forms of Druids
  • Irish Celtic religions
  • Skandinavian worship with Nordic myths and Gods
  • Mesoamerican worship of nature spirits in the Americas
  • Aztec Worship of Quetzalcoatl and Sun Worship in the South Americas
  • That was about 4 years after the 'return of the exiles'.   The Hebrew religion was still largely polytheistic at that point, the 'reforms of Josiah' had limited influence, and the builders of the second temple were regarded as heretics who changed the calendar (therefore destroying the sanctity of the religious ceremonies) and introduced the names of various angels.

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