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Islam believes there is only one God, Allah, and Muhammad is his Prophet.

  • Because God is ONE in Islam, he can have no helpers; therefore Islam does not accept the Gods of other religions, including Christianity.
  • Islam teaches that God is most merciful, most compassionate and most forgiving. Allah is a God of mercy and compassion
  • The people who follow Islam are called Muslims.
  • Muslims pray five times a day
  • Muslims practice purification and for example, wash their face, hands and feet before entering a place of worship, called a mosque.
  • The holy book for Muslims and all of Islam is called the Qur'an. This is sometimes spelled Koran. Both are respectful terms for this holy book, and both are correct.
  • Muslims are expected to practice the Five Pillars of Islam. These are
Profession of Faith (Shahada) ... to say there is one God, his name is Allah and Muhammed is the Prophet
Prayers (Salah) .... to pray daily at the set times
Fasting in Ramadan (Sawm) ... to refrain from food and drink during the hours of sunlight for one month
Giving to the Poor (Zakat) ... give alms to the poor
Pilgrimmage to Mecca (Hajj) to visit Mecca (the holy Shrine of Islam) at least once in their lives

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