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Apocalypse is a biblical term arising from the book of Revelation.

2012, generally, in the public mind, refers to end of the Mayan Calendar. The Mayan Calendar has little, if anything to do with Christian Revelation. There are 21 Mayan Calendars, some public, and some kept private. However, most of the mayan calendars come to conclusion in December of 2012.

According to current interpretations of the Mayan calendars, 2012 is the end of the present age. The calendars say this age will be destroyed by fire. However, the end of each age is the birth of the next age, and there is never complete destruction of the old. The parts of the old that don't work are destroyed, and the rest becomes the seeds of the new age. This makes the ending of the old age a time of purification, not destruction of the earth, and the beginning of the next age is a time of transformation.

The book of Revelation (sometimes called the Revelation of John), biblical scholars point out, somewhat takes after the syntax of the Book of Amos, where the crimes and sins of cities are abashed. It uses metaphor and symbolic language. written after the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in AD71, the whore of Babylon is taken to be a metaphor for the Roman Empire.

The Book of Revelation, as it has been pointed out, refers to the end times. As there is evolution, so there is involution, the return of matter to its source. Most religions share the principle of an afterlife and a return to the Blessed State.

It is interesting that the Book of Revelation makes reference to 1000 years of peace. In Hinduism, there is a similar principle of 1000 years of peace after the upheaval.

The public mind is somewhat taken up by mashups of the bible and other civilisations, with people connecting things that are on the surface of things, apparently connected but in fact, are not.

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