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Intelligent design is a theory used by people who teach creation science in the USA to circumvent laws which prohibit the teaching of creation science in schools.

So it is a ploy to get around the rules, and simply teaching that what is in the bible is true.

Most misunderstand two basic facts where faith and belief in God are involved:

  • The Old Testament has a mythological account of creation. It is not statement of fact, and does not included everything that was created specifically by name or type. For example, dinosaurs are not mentioned, and red dwarf stars are not mentioned. The Old Testament was never intended to be so specific, as cosmogony (understanding of the world) was very simple thousands of years ago.

  • The Old Testament gives a mythological account which conveys a theological truth: That God is the creator of all. This is a matter of faith and belief, not a matter of science.

  • Spirituality is the science of Love. Science is the split of Love, for science cannot prove anything where faith is involved.

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