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Sant is the North Indian transliteration of the word saint and has basically the same meaning, in Hinduism and Sikhism. It is also considered to be a semi-formal tradition of famous devotees of God in his different forms. For example, the Hindu Bhakti poet Mirabai may be called Sant Mirabai, as may her contemporary poets Tulasidas, and Surdas. Other poets may be called Sants, eg. Namdev and Ravidas, Tukaram.

The Sant tradition is also used in Sikhism. Kabir may be called Sant Kabir.

Sant usually refers to great saints and devotees of the past. The term is rarely applied to living persons, who are more likely to be called mahatmas, acharyas. Living godmen or godwomen are greeted with the term Bhagwan, Bhagwani.

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