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I have been reading up in a class and so far the teacher says It is polytheistic. But i am not sure for a fact because everyone has different thoughts. People on the internet are also saying that it depends on the tradition of Hinduism. But for my thoughts, if you think carefully, there are MANY traditions. Which makes it POLYthiesitic because it's MANY gods. Catch my drift? No? Yes?  Well, i believe also that it depends on the tradition, but do not always trust the internet. I would reccomend stopping by a college or a library and look at a World History book. You may not have access to this all but This may or may not be a topic that can be answered professionally. In a way, i beleive it is neither Polytheistic nor Monotheistic but not fullly. I mainly think it is polytheistic though. Sorry if this is a waste of your time, boring, or don't make sense. I hope this helps everyone who asked this question on other sites.

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