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First Opinion

In a sense, Yes.

Even if nobody has ever proven that "God" excists the concept of "God" is real. It is the collective name for a higher power in wich people believe lies the origin of everything. There is also a great discussion regarding evolution wich has valid arguments on both sides. At the moment there is almost overwelming proof that evolution excists and is the way things go. But there is nobody who can say that it wasn't "God" (eg the higher power) that created it. It is comforting for people to put unanswered questions in the dustbin of faith.

Besides this almost every tribe on this planet has had (and still has) a different view of their "God". As long as nobody misuses this power nothing is wrong.

Second Opinion

There is no definite answer, as so far no-one has been able to prove whether God exists or not. However, followers of religions such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam do believe that God exists, while atheists believe that God does not exist.]

Third Opinion

It's like asking if the wind is real. You can't see the wind, but you can see it's effects, just like you can't see God, but you can see his effects throughout the world.

Fourth Opinion

  • We have the word tree and the meaning is the tree you can see.

  • We have the word man and the meaning is you. We have the word woman; the meaning is the woman.

  • The word and its meaning are inseperable, indistinguishable. The word does not arise without the object, the object does not arise without the word.

  • The word God is the indication that there is the word and purpose, that there is God. The word God gained currency because of the existence of God.

  • A word emerges from the tongues of people in order to indicate an object or an idea, which they have cognised. If there was no God, the word God would not have originated and gained currency.

  • A non-existent reality will not have a label to identify it.

  • You may see God or you may not, but the word is proof that there is God.

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