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with all the advancements and discoveries, with all the patterns discovered in the structure of the universe and everything in it, do you believe that these are all coincidences or a design of a powerful being? God is in charge.

Another Opinion

In charge of what exactly? God is the creator of the universe. When it comes to the advances of technology, civilization and evolution of human life, he gave us the power to achieve what we have achieved a long time ago. When it comes to things that man can control (politics, television, fashion, style, religion, news, celebrities) man is in charge of all that. The atmosphere, the weather, disasters, etc. perhaps, but nobody knows for sure. Many people believe God is in charge of that; which man can not control. Interesting question but can't be answered truthfully.

Another Reply

God lets you make your choices. The law of karma ensures that you will experience all your choices and the consequences that come from making those choices. When you are sick of it all, sick of pain and suffering and disillusioned with everything, then you can turn to God with love for God and discover what it is all about ...

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