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This is a question about the omniscience of God; that is, that God knows all things at all times and in all places.

This suggests that all the worlds exist inside God, and not outside of God.

In Matthews' Gospel, Jesus says,

I bless you Father, Lord of Heaven and Earth, for hiding these things from the learned and the clever, and revealing them to mere children.

This suggests, that in order to know God and his omniscience, we ought, in Christian teaching, discard all that we claim we might know of God and religion, and embrace surrender to God, and allow God to reveal whatever he wishes to reveal to us.

This is the central act in the life of Jesus, he did just this, when he prayed, Father, if this is your will, then take this cup away; otherwise, let it happen.

Thus, Jesus revealed the all-knowing love and the all knowing plan of salvation that God has for mankind, in the Christ.

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