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This is about three or four questions in one .... and can be best answered as What were the agents of mystery and revelation in the New Testament.

  • Angels reveal mystery, with the revelation to the virgin Mary. They reveal the action of the Divine in beginning new life without human intervention, as Christianity teaches.
  • evil spirits which encounter Jesus reveal mystery. Evil spirits possessing persons speak, and say, What business do you have with us, O holy One of God and reveal Jesus's nature, which is not readily evident to humans.
  • The herd of swine possessed by evil spirits (called the Gadarene swine) speak to Jesus and beg that he deliver them from life in pigs. They reveal Jesus as the Holy One of God.
  • People who receive miracles reveal Jesus as a divine.
  • The Roman Centurion revealed the Jesus of Faith. The centurion said to Jesus, I am not worthy that you should enter my house, but say the word and my servant shall be healed; and so it was
  • Peter answered the question Jesus put to his disciples, Who do you say I am. Peter replied, You are the Christ, the Son of God. Jesus then reveals the actions of God in telling Peter this: Blessed are you Simon son of Jonas, for flesh and blood did not reveal this to you, but my Father in Heaven. God is acting through Peter, revealing who Jesus is.
  • The resurrection of Jesus is a mystery of divine revelation. The resurrection is an event outside of time and space, where God sends the life back to the body, and so intervenes, and reveals himself to mankind.
  • The resurrection is not the last mystery revealed. Witness the growth of the Christian Church ... this ensures that God is still active in the world, still dispensing grace and love, through faith in Jesus and love for God.

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